A Journey into the New Digital Economy

Over a decade ago, the birth of Bitcoin sparked a revolution in the digital world — now cryptoassets have evolved beyond digital money, offering solutions to meet the complex needs of modern financial markets. We invite you to take a journey with us into the new digital economy and learn more about how our partners are strengthening the ever-evolving blockchain industry through real-world services and applications.

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Payment Processing

Blockchain payment processing using cryptocurrency solves real pain points for global businesses.  It helps companies attract new customers, reduce the cost and time associated with cross-border transactions, and nearly eliminate credit card fraud chargebacks.  Cryptocurrencies also serve as a critical bridge between fiat currencies and digital financial networks.  As the new digital economy grows, blockchain payment processing allows businesses to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat while offering convenient and borderless payment options for customers.

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Trading Platform

As the blockchain industry matures and grows, one of the most important requirements for growth is to encourage more people to participate by understanding, owning, and transacting in digital assets.  eToro is on a mission to consumer adoption by removing barriers and making online trading and investing more accessible to the everyday user.

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Blockchain Infrastructure

In order to build the blockchain-based future that has ignited the imaginations and impassioned interests of business and technology leaders, organizations require infrastructure. This means delivering the foundational basis upon which industries both reimagined and yet-unimagined can start, grow, and thrive.

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Digital dollar stablecoins are here today and surging in popularity around the world, driven by dollarization, distributed workforces and business demand for instant, global settlement of funds. ECB President Christine Lagarde recently acknowledged two trends in payments innovation: the first is changing consumer preferences toward digital payments; and the second is the competition to dominate payments on a global scale. This change is here, and Circle is helping to shape it.

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Private Keys

The early days of cryptocurrencies have necessitated many holders to become experts in the arcane aspects of securing their private keys (like passwords) that access their crypto assets. Fortunately, companies in the blockchain ecosystem have risen to the challenge and created products that are both familiar and secure for users of all stripes.

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Typically, when funds are transferred between two parties, a financial institution acts as an intermediary between both parties to conduct the transfer. However, bitcoin transfers are different, because they do not require an intermediary to perform this function; instead, they rely on miners or computer servers to verify transactions. Importantly, it is now estimated that 14% of total Bitcoin mining occurs within the United States.

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Public Network

Hedera Hashgraph offers a decentralized public network upon which software developers can build applications.  This network satisfies a growing need for faster, more efficient transaction processing times and lower transaction fees, with the transparency and accountability benefits of a distributed public network.

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Financial Market

One of the primary benefits of cryptocurrencies is the ability to move virtual assets globally, instantly. This can serve as the basis for a new, open financial system. Paxos is building new financial market infrastructure as a gateway between traditional finance and the digital future.

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